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11 December 2008 @ 07:51 pm
recs: merlin
Oh Merlin. Why are you such an awesome show? Like virtually everyone else on lj, I'm totally addicted to it, and am super happy about all the new fic to read. Most of these recs are pretty standard reading, but if you're new to the fandom this is a great place to start.

A Year and a Day by linaerys. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 10.000 words, NC-17. A gorgeous pre-series story featuring one of my favorite mythological stories/peoples. “Arthur Pendragon, King who was and will be.” Arthur stepped forth and threw his shoulders back, pulling himself up to his full height. The lady extended her hand. Arthur clasped it and bowed over it, lips hovering a fraction of an inch above her cool, delicate fingers. “I am Nyneve,” she continued. “Queen of the Fairy. You will feast with us tonight.”

The Beast of Winter and Springtime Promises by linaerys. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 17.000 combined, NC-17. One thing I love about Linaerys' writing is the scene setting and the detail work. She's got a great grasp on how to evoke the feeling of Camelot and the cold of winter in a draughty, unheated castle.

August by rageprufrock. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 10.000 words, NC-17. Honestly, I always have somewhat mixed feelings about Pru's work. I love her stories, and the many crack-y premises she comes up with, but I don't love her character voices. She has this tendency to write her characters as sort of OOC histrionic shouters. This works fine for me when I'm reading any story featuring Rodney McKay, but I like it less in a BBC character. I'm still reccing this though because regardless of my preference for a different style of dialogue, I always love the emotional core of Pru's stories, and this one is not different. Merlin goes home to Ealdor for a visit and Arthur tags along.

The World Under Heaven, Here All is Lent by takadainmate. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 20.500 words, PG-13. This is one of my fandom favorites so far. Merlin and Arthur in a cold, wet forest facing down an evil creature. I love the atmosphere in this, and also, it is an Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic story and I have much, much love for this particular sub-genre.

MERLIN and A Random Collection of Firsts by moonythestrals. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 17.000 wors combines, NC-17. This is, of all things, a Frat Boy AU in which Merlin is an Engineering student and Arthur is a douchebag frat boy Business Major. Before this turns you off, I will promise that is is fantastic. Gwen is in it and rocks muchly, the dialogue is fantastic, and the in-jokes pointing back to the show are great fun.

To Be Known by esohpe. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 3.500 words, PG. Another Arthur finds out story but god, so memorable. It's angsty and slightly painful in the best tradition of hurt/comfort. So this is what it felt like to be normal. Merlin opens his eyes to the cool, shining metal of Arthur's unsheathed blade. "Sorcerer," Arthur spits.

Quickening Days by fahye_fic Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 22.174 words, R. In one of the most classic sci-fi plots ever, Arthur and Merlin are trapped in a Groundhog's Day loop and have to break themselves out of it. This is fantastic story with great dialogue, lots of fun and a fantastic serious to fun ratio.
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28 May 2008 @ 09:32 am
recs: cw rps, stargate: atlantis, torchwood
So Close to My Heart by audrarose. CW RPS: Jared/Jensen, 15.900 words, NC-17. A decidedly non-cheesy AU in which Jensen is a single dad to an adorable 5 year old boy, and Jared is the heart surgeon who saved his life. It's long enough to build the world, and a very satisfying read.

They Might Be Giants by auburnothenne. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay, 17.122 words, R. I don't know if there's too much I want to say about this one other than that it is wonderfully creepy, decidedly science-y team fic with some Sheppard/McKay in the mix.

Si Muovo by kassrachel and sihayab. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay, 40.014 words, NC-17. This is one of the best AUs I've read in the fandom in a long time, and it's definitely stuck with me. Rodney is a disgraced Jesuit preist relegated as far away as possible to Kodiak, Alaska in an effort to stop his scientific pursuits; and John is a self-exiled bush pilot. The story is long, plotty, involved, and interesting, perfectly blended the relationship building.

Starring Mr. Ianto Jones as Himself by basingstoke. Torchwood: Jack/Ianto 2.791 words, NC-17. Ianto played rugby all through school. He wasn't delicate; he wasn't prissy, nor even naturally tidy. He'd learned to be controlled and quiet and precise, because it was extremely useful, but sometimes... well, sometimes it wasn't, especially when he'd just saved the entire fucking world with his hands and the bruises on his back.

A Soft Spot for Apocalyptic Fuck-Ups by julad. Torchwood: Jack, Ianto gen 2.500 words, R. Set directly after Cyberwoman this is exaclty the gorgeous clean sharp writing I've come to expect from Julad. It's heartbreking and introspective and the first step to healing all combined into one neat package. Probably my favorite post-Cyberwoman tag.

Lost and Found by kaneko. Torchwood: Jack/Ianto 3.700 words, PG. Ianto keeps a storm journal to monitor the rift. Ianto kept the journal meticulously, recording every missing pen and cup. On the day that Jack disappeared, he wrote: Found: 2 pens (clear ink; Tosh not yet able to decipher symbols on spines), 2 weevils (Penylan; Splott). Lost: 1 weevil from cell (CCTV obscured by static, consistent with rift activity); 17 pens - red (10), blue (2), black (5); 2 Mars Bars (Owen?). Updated 8.14pm: Jack Harkness.
15 February 2008 @ 04:51 pm
recs: supernatural, top gun, stargat atlantis, harry potter
The World's a Small Child in the Dark by stele3. Supernatural: Sam/Dean, 13.840 words, NC-17. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous post All Hell Breaks Loose. Dean makes a list of things he wants to do before he dies. Atmospheric, well plotted, with a nice twist on the Sam trying to save Dean convention.

The Devil Really Does Wear Prada by balefully. Supernatural: Sam/Dean, 36.806 words, NC-17. This is a fun read, it's an AU in the Devil Wears Prada universe where Sam and Dean are estranged and Sam is a fashionista super-gay.

Attitude Adjustment by thefourthvine. Top Gun: Maverick/Ice Man, 3.478 words, NC-17. Mmmm this is one of those unexpectedly hot stories that's all sex and attitude and anger and gah. It totally just hits the spot.

Forget Me Not by maisierita. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay, 47.000 words, R. This actually read so, so quickly that I couldn't believe it was over. The story was perfectly constructed, paced, and characterized with enough innovation in plot and character insights to guarantee that it sticks with me for a while. This was pretty much the perfect blend of everything I love in the Stargate universe: a really interesting/creepy world, strong and believable Rodney and John characterization, and of course, a great building of the Rodney/John relationship.

Vale Sanare by rurounihime. Harry Potter: Harry/Draco, 23.327 words, NC-17. Post-Deathly Hallows, minue the epilogue. After Voldemort's demise Draco is cursed with magical epilepsy. This is a really neat character driven story in the medical injury genre.

Squib by kestrelsparhawk. Harry Potter: Harry/Draco, 52.000 words, NC-17. I'm giving this a sort of qualified rec. Post-DH, epilogue compliant. After the war Harry and Hermione open a school for magically impaired children (squibs) and Draco's son enrolls. I loved the inventiveness of the magic and enjoyed the plot a lot, my qualms lie mostly in the characterization and how they never quite seemed to have reached the rational adult interaction level I would have expected. The good definitely outweighs the bad in the story, but I definitely felt like the story suffered a bit for the lack of realistic interpersonal relations.
01 October 2007 @ 09:54 pm
recs: sga, spn
Holding Up a 1-Iron by sparrowhawk17. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay, 9.473 words, PG-13. Written for the anotheratlantis challenge this is a Golf AU which thankfully, does not require previous golf knowledge. The parallels to the John and Rodney we know are great, and I really liked her John. All in all a very cool AU.

There's No Such Thing as Daniel Jackson by eleveninches. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay, 43.555 words, PG-13. Oh man. I just want to curl up and live in this story. It was also written for the anotheratlantis challenge and it's this awesome post-apocalyptic nuclear winter au in which North America is blown up by the Goauld (SG-1 bad guys) and John is transfered to the Russian stargate program and put on a team with Ford, McKay, and Cameron Mitchell. Fantastic!

Qui Habitat by miss_porcupine. Stargate Atlantis: gen, 44.592 words, PG-13. I don't read a lot of gen, but I've read several of Domenika's stories and honestly? Reading one of her stories feels like coming home. Her original characters are fleshed out and interesting in a way that shows off the characters we already know. Qui Habitat is set in an au in which Earth has fallen to the Ori and the Atlantis team has to deal with it.

Written by the Victors by cesperanza. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay, 53.947 words, R. I totally geekgasmed over this entire story. My inner history student seriously took a nice little cigarette break after this one. It's, okay, it's this amazing AU written from the perspective of warring academic scholars (and as it's happening narration) about the secession of Atlantis from the planet earth.

There's a Devil in a Looking-Glass by oxoniensis. Supernatural: Dean/Sam, 21,190 words, NC-17. Post-Season 2, people near the showdown cemetery start going crazy and it's up to Dean and Sam to find out why. Sometimes when I read a story which is particularly atmospheric, I picture it in colors. I told oxoniensis that she painted the entire world in perfect, rich, subtle colors. This was original, full of plot, intriguing as hell, and so, so true to character. I really couldn't have asked for more, this is the perfect story for Dean and Sam as far as I'm concerned.
22 June 2007 @ 04:50 pm
recs: supernatural, cw rps, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1
I have an insane backlog of recs to catch up on, most of these stories are relatively new, but some may be older. I'll hopefully be posting more regularly soon.

A Warning for a Promise by dontyouwaitup. Supernatural: Sam/Dean, 16,897 words, NC-17. A spooky ghost story, with a strong Dean voice and a lot of atmosphere.

Rubber Ducky (You're the One) by impertinence. Supernatural: Sam/Dean, 21,000 words, NC-17. This is a fun, lighthearted story which would probably be best categorized as crackfic since the central plot point is Dean turning into a rubber duck.

Swear by All Flowers by sweetestdrain. Supernatural: Sam/Dean, 37,000 words, NC-17. Another Big Bang fic, this one is a long, haunting, kick ass story which desperately needs to be turned into an episode. I'm fiercely in love with authors who make use of the billions of myths and fairy tales we have woven into the tapestry of human history, and this one if a great example of why I love them so much. The Russian fairy tale of Baba Yaga has stuck with me since I was a little kid reading books on world fairy tales and it was lovely to read a story that does her creepy mythology justice. At 37,000+ words this is a nice long story but the pacing is so quick and lively that I read it in no time.

Exact Change by dontyouwaitup. Supernatural: Sam/Dean, 31,580 words, NC-17. This story kicked my ass in such a good way. Sam and Dean are spot on and wonderfully angsty. This is set after the events in San Francisco (read: Madison the werewolf) and it's just chock full of atmosphere.

Spark by beatperfume. CW RPS: Jared/Jensen, 24,343 words, NC-17. Written for spn_j2_bigbang, this story is a gorgeously written AU in which Dean Collins is a foster kid turned firefighter in Chicago and Sam is a mysterious guy with a world of secrets. beatperfume is my absolute favorite favorite discovery from the big bang so far, girl's got serious talent: this story is well plotted, characterized, and so, so satisfying. This is a really imaginative look at who the boys might be if their paths had changed and the internal logic of the story was really tight (a serious kink of mine.)

The Truth About Heaven by destina. CW RPS: Jared/Jensen, 20,550 words, NC-17. Written for spn_j2_bigbang, this story is set as Supernatrual comes to the end of a five year run. I had some issues with the characterization in this story but overall found it to be entertaining and engaging, with some great details that really serve to flesh out the surrounding universe of the story.

Last Stop: Chicagoland by phaballa. CW RPS: Jared/Jensen, 27, 043 words, NC-17. I cannot possible love this story any more than I do. It's long, sweet without ever tipping the scales towards saccharine, and it has lodged itself firmly in my hear ever since I read it two weeks ago. After Supernatural ends Jared and Jensen move to Chicago and have daughters. It's a gorgeous story that just oozes with life and is populated with a million enchanting side characters. This is the kind of universe building I find so rarely, the kind where even though the story feels full and complete, I could still read hundreds of thousands more words and never feel full.

Monogatari by winterlive. CW RPS: Jared/Jensen, 77,788 words, NC-17. It took me a while to get into this story, and it took me a while longer to really appreciate it. As long as it is, I would have appreciated a more fleshed out picture of the universe this is set in. It's and AU in the truest sense: the world in which this is set is a completely new reality in which, as best as I can piece together, fuedal Japan became the largest of the world Empires and modernization flowed similarly to our world in terms of tech, but remained culturally and politically similar to ancient Japan. The world building was inventive and interesting, and I love the idea of Jensen and Jared being samurai, but I'm still not sure that this story really sold me on it, I almost would have preferred this to be a Sam/Dean story than a Jensen/Jared story, if only because I had such a hard time buying Jensen the prodigy samurai initially.

There moves a thread that has no end by strippedpink. CW RPS: Jared/Jensen, 20,209 words, NC-17. I have some issues with the way strippedpink writes Jensen and Jared, I usually end up feeling like they're both a little shallow (in both the not quite fully fleshed out sense and the behavioral sense) My issues however, have never stopped me from enjoying her stories, and this is no difference. The set up for this story is a Groundhog's Day scenario in which Jensen keeps repeating the same day over and over again. It's a classic theme and this is a nice take on it.

And the Rest, As They Say, Is History by raina_at. CW RPS: Jared/Jensen, 18,019 words, NC-17. As evidenced by lots of previous recs, I am a complete sucker for good AUs. I especially love them in rps fandoms. In this one, Jensen is a struggling actor and Jared is one of young hollywood's elite. They meet when Jensen takes a job as Jared's dog sitter.

Where We Ought to Be by wojelah. Stargate Atlantis: McKay/Sheppard, 27,932 words, NC-17. Set post-Sunday this fic is long, slow, heartbreaking and beautiful. wojelah has some great insights into the characters, and the entire story has a great flow to it. Lately, it's been taking a lot to pull me into a story and this one did it effortlessly.

Accidentally in Love by shetiger. Stargate Atlantis: McKay/Sheppard, 17,016 words, NC-17. This is one of those it could have been a cliché if it hadn't been handled so well stories (aka my favorite type of story ever.) It starts out with Rodney and John pretending to be a couple while on a mission but is so much more (primarily because the entire offworld mission part of the story is only the first couple scenes and definitely isn't the central plot point.) The rest of the story is a lovely buildup to a fantastic climax involving some accidental dates and very tentative moves towards romance. Just what I look for in a first time story.

Not Us by paian. Stargate SG-1: Jack/Daniel, 12,600 words, NC-17. paian is one of my absolute favorite Jack/Daniel writers; her characters are mature, wholly dimensional, believable entities whose feelings and thoughts I can empathize with and care about, in short she achieves what so many people can't quite reach: real stories about real people who I really care for. This story is no different. It's set after Fragile Balance and centers around both the clone!Jack and the regular Jack and Daniel. It's lovely, plotty, and satisfyingly long.

Five Ways Daniel Improves Atlantis by findo. Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: Jack/Daniel, Sheppard/McKay, 1,357 words, PG. This is a short, lovely set of vignettes which beautifully illustrate a future I would love to see happen in the Atlantis universe. This story definitely falls outside of my norm (long, plotty, R/NC-17) but it's an absolute jewel.
20 October 2006 @ 12:55 am
recs: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1
Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending by helenish; 14.610 words, R. Stargate Atlantis : Sheppard/McKay. I have no idea how I missed this story on the first go-round because I'm about 7 months late now, but anyways, perhaps there are still some people who haven't read this either. I should preface with the fact that I do not always love Helen's writing. I often find her style to be a little to sparse for my tastes. This story, however, breaks the pattern in fabulous ways. It's complex, and just slightly painful, and very subtly character driven and I adore it. Also, the title is wonderfully misleading.

Lover Come Back by mz_bstone; 9.938 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis : Sheppard/McKay. Written for the reel_sga challenge and based on the 1961 romantic comedy of the same name this is a complete romp of an AU. I love the set up and how well in character Brighid kept both Rodney and John even while transposing them into a completely different setting, there's a nice weaving of canon into this story that really reminds me exactly why I love AUs so much.

Terms of Service by resonant8; 19.000 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis : Sheppard/McKay. When Resonant takes on a cliché you're pretty much guaranteed a good time. Terms of Service is Res' take on slave fic and it's fabulous. "You're telling me that you would sell your bodies for curiosity, orbital shielding, and a quarter-charged ZPM?"
"Well, yeah. Who wouldn't?"

Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead by cesperanza; 12.454 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis : Sheppard/McKay. Set during the team's first return to earth back when Sheppard was still Major Sheppard this is a lovely filling in canon's missing blanks type story, one of my favorite genres of fanfiction.

Missed the Saturday Dance by zoetrope; approx 15.000 words + graphics, audio, and video, R. Stargate Atlantis : Sheppard/McKay. Utterly engaging. A gorgeous, gorgeous telling of the story of John Sheppard, World War II test fighter pilot and Dr. Roney McKay, airplane engineer. This is well worth more than two read throughs, it's lovingly detailed throughout.

String Theory by toft_froggy; 11.709 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis : Sheppard/McKay. An Orchestra AU in which John is a violinist and Rodney is a prodigy conductor and they are both broken and put together again in interesting and complex ways. This is the kind of AU that just fully envelops you, where the universe is so rich and the characters so spot on that everything clicks immediately.

That Pon Farr Thing by mmmchelle; 16.229 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay. Funny, sweet, just this side of schmoopy and hotter than hell. John has uncontrollable seizures and Rodney's the only one who can help.

Pars Pro Toto by paian; 10.000 words, NC-17. Stargate SG-1: Jack/Daniel. This is a different, harsher Daniel than canon really suggests but Komos makes me buy it the same way she makes me buy nearly everything she writes: because I am a complete sucker for internal logic and interesting characterization.

Time Is An Arrow, Time Is A River by princessofg; 5.575 words, R. Stargate SG-1: Jack/Daniel. I really like princessofg's Jack and Daniel. This story is set in early season 7 while Daniel is freshly de-ascended and is still regaining his memories. Lovely details.
05 September 2006 @ 12:08 am
Harry/Draco Recs
I'm rekindling my H/D love, and I've got some goodies to share:

Hogwarts Express by Closet Skeleton, (R). AU but then again, sort of not! I really liked this multi-chaptered read! The author pulls off the not-quite-time-travel really well. "Now boarding the Hogwarts Interdimensional Express. Please mind the gap."

Surrender the Grey, the sequel to Left My Heart by Emma Grant. Both are NC-17. I absolutely adore this universe. LMH and STG are both linked here. The finalized version of STG (and an eBook!) will be posted soon.

Big Dick, Come Quick by Calanthe. (NC-17) The silly title and premise almost made me skip this one, but this surprised me by being an engagingly fun story. Loads of great sex scenes! :) "Draco’s got a theory. About sex. And after much searching for the right candidate, it appears that only Harry Potter, his life long enemy, can help him test it out."

Lettered by Pir8fancier (R). Anonymous letters to Harry, completely from Draco's POV. The author intentionally leaves the ending open, but fills in the blanks a bit with its sequel, Lush Life (R). The coolest thing about this is that a remix of 'Lettered' was done here: Reading Between the Lines by Chanond, (NC-17), giving Harry's POV and an alternate ending to the original fic. All three of these are quite cool, and I loved seeing the character POV's and the two different takes on what happened.
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13 July 2006 @ 08:14 am
recs: supernatural, cw rps, stargate sg1, superman returns
Five Superheroes Dean Winchester Never Slept With by derryderrydown; 3.363 words, R. Supernatural/DCU: Dean/misc. OMG. So I am a big comics fan, but I'm much more of a Marvel girl than a DC girl (ridiculous attachment for SV's Clark and Lex notwithstanding) so I wasn't all that familiar with any of these characters but it totally didn't matter. This story is highly enjoyable just for the fact that Dean is a hotass who very clearly should sleep with superheroes all the time.

House and Home by zionsstarfish; 1.800 words, PG. Supernatural: gen. I don't read nearly as much gen as I do slash, but in this fandom, even the gen can be read as slashy and that is certainly true for this fic. Meta aside, this is a fabulous story about Dean and whether he would ever be able to nominally settle down. I like the characterization a lot, and it's also a really unique story which I always appreciate muchly.

The Only Song I Want to Hear by esorlehcar; 3.128 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Sam/Dean. So I've recced other stories by esorlehcar from this same universe (ie all of the stories fit in with each other) and at this point it might be a little repetitive for me to say this but god, I really love her take on Sam and Dean. Eso's characterization is fabulous, and as always, there's at least one line that knocks me dead (as well as a ton of others that have me nodding and "yes"ing as well.) So, good writing + nice length + Sam and Dean, I couldn't ask for anything better.

On What Wings by groaty; 4.631 words, R. Supernatural: Sam/Dean. So I've liked wing!fic (and all other so called crackfic plot clichés) ever since popslash and I cannot explain how fun it is for me that Supernatural lends itself to stories like this. Plotty, at times funny, angsty, and complex and well written throughout, this is a story where the wings just fit.

On A Clear Day by estrella30; 5.900 words, PG-13. CW rps: Jensen/Jared. Estrella's writing is always solid and while she's excellent with the smut, she also rocks at stories like this where it's all slow builds and scortching hot kisses.

Breaking Status Quo by raina_at; 11.788 words, NC-17. CW rps: Jensen/Jared. I am wonderfully in love with this story. Long, and filled with this yearning slow build this is everything i love in this type of story. Jensen has a ginormous crush on Jared and while he totally tries not to, Jared is just too charming for words. Good characterization, hot sex, and just gorgeously paced throughout.

Classic Country Hits in the Key of Minor D by estrella30; 4.100 words, NC-17. CW rps: Jensen/Christian Kane. For me reading Estrella's stories is like pouring slow sticky molasses out of the jar. I love her pacing, and how everything is infused with atmosphere. She writes a good Chris Kane, but her angsty, yearning Jensen is where it's really at.

Downtime by merryish; 17,145 words, PG. Stargate SG-1: Jack/Daniel, more on the gen side than slash. 17,000 words and not an ounce of sex to speak of! Rare for me lately (I seem to be reading mostly R and above of late) but so, so good. Merry is such a fantastic writer, and her Jack and Daniel are just how I like them, snarky, smart, and masculine. This has fantastic banter, a good Sam and Teal'c and a Jack and Daniel who genuinely care for each other.

Father, Who Art in Heaven by imadra_blue; 4.538 words, PG. Superman Returns: Clark and Richard. Where the movie leaves us, Clark and Richard have the potential for a very interesting relationship and Imadra's given them the perfect amount of depth.
12 June 2006 @ 11:09 pm
recs: supernatural, wb rps, stargate atlantis, stargate atlantis rps, smallville
people livin' in competition by ladyjaida; 1.440 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Dude. Oneupmanship is one of my very favorite things in fic. And Dean and Sam are perfect for it because they're brothers and they compete and play practical jokes and bicker. And I'm pretty sure I was just waiting for someone to write this story. I'm very pleased that ladyjaida was the one to do it too, because she pretty much guarantees a good read.

Interesting Times by apocalypsos; 4.100 words, R. Supernatural: Gen. So I don't read a ton of gen in this fandom (or any other really) because I'm OTP enough to prefer to see Sam and Dean be SamandDean, but apocalypsos is one of those authors whose fic is guaranteed to be good no matter what. In this one Dean gets cursed with that ancient proverb: May you live in interesting times. This is almost a five Sam's that didn't exist type story and it's really fucking awesome. The kind of story which would make for a damned interesting episode.

and feel what it's like to be new by flipmontigirl; 2.647 words, PG-13. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Light on the slash and heavier on the introspection. This is a post-Devil's Trap story with an angsty, lightly written touch.

the only people for me are the mad ones by ignipes; 3.500 words, PG-13. Supernatural: Gen. The Winchester version of a happy ending after they get the demon. This is gen but it could just as easily be labeled non-explicit slash. Such a lovely story, good characterization, interesting, well detailed.

Reminders of Echoes by maygra; 5.993 words, PG-13. Supernatural: gen, or very mild Dean/Sam slash. Maygra brings the creepy more than a lot of authors in the Supernatural fandom, and it never fails to make me happy. This is a little less on the creepy side than on the oh hey that's cool side.

Blue Dog on a Yellow Couch by cathybites; 2.159 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. So I'm just going to quote azewewish's feedback here. This is pure, unadulterated PORN with a side of kinky!Jensen & pliant!Jared. There's rimming and hotness galore. Guh.

A Farm in Iowa by sheafrotherdon; 12.000 words, R. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay. Some fandoms lend themselves better to AUs than others. For me, SGA is one of those fandoms in which I cannot read enough AUs. This story is AU to a point: John is still in the Air Force, at least at the beginning of the story, and Rodney is still a physicist, but they never go to Atlantis. Instead, John finishes out his tour in Antarctica and goes to Iowa to live on the farm his grandfather left him when he died. And Rodney meets him there after his tire blows out near John's farm. What I like most about this are the details and the slow build of their friendship. Good characterization and solid pacing.

Safety Check by lilysaid; 8.300 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis RPS: Joe/David. So I basically love lily's writing no matter what; she's written my other favorite sga rps story as well. She's always, always, always fabulous on building plots and relationships and complexity. David is especially sympathetic in this, and I'm really just enamoured of the whole story really.

Reconcilable Differences by astolat; 40.113 words, NC-17. Smallville: Clark/Lex. So, you know, comics canon is far more invested in crack fic than fanfiction could ever hope to compete with. Shallot makes use of one of my favorite bits of DC canon wtf-level crack: Kon, aka Superboy, who is the test-tube baby of Superman and Lex Luthor. No seriously. In DC comics canon Lex Luthor and Clark Kent have a baby together. This story is fabulously funny and wonderfully long; no previous knowledge of DC canon needed to enjoy.
04 June 2006 @ 03:03 pm
recs: wb rps, supernatural, stargate atlantis
Sports Night by azewewish; 850 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. Just a short, sports related pwp, but hot, funny, and detailed like everything azewewish writes.

No Sleep Til Bedtime by veronamay; 9.731 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. Oh this is quite possibly one of my favorites in the fandom so far. Set immediately before the Paley festival (where Jensen said in an interview that they'd only gotten 3 hours of sleep on the plane down to LA and an 18 hour shoot before that) there's tired, sleepy hysteria, and insanely smutty sex with so much wanting and lust that the words just melt, and fabulous, fabulous characterization. Everything works and the pacing is fantastic, too.

Fall by veronamay; 3.212 words, NC-13. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. I mentioned the fantastic pacing in the other story by Sinistral, No Sleep Til Bedtime, and I'm pretty much going to expand on that theme in this rec. This one is all about the mounting tension and lust, which, if you couldn't tell by the stories I tend to rec most often, is a huge, huge turn on for me fic-wise. Any author that can make me feel what the character's feeling pretty much takes the cake and this story is the perfect example of that. Both Jensen and Jared are fanfuckingtastic.

Falling Like Rain by txtequilanights; 2.700 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. I'm not generally a fan of the idea of Dean and Sam having had sex pre-series, but for some reason it works for me in this story. And I like the author's summary because it's pretty true to the story: Sam doesn’t think it will ever go back to how it used to be. But mostly, any plot this has is really just an excuse for the porn.

In Miles, In Laughter, In Strife by lyra_wing; 7.466 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. So canon tells us that a year passed from the beginning of the season to the end of it. And Lyra fills in the blanks between all of the episodes we saw and all of the other stuff that must have gone on off screen. At times funny and at times serious, but always imaginative. I think that's probably how I would describe all of Lyra's writing actually: imaginative. And the Supernatural universe lends itself to that perfectly.

And we are here as on a darkling plain by lyra_wing; 3.583 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Set during one of the months Lyra wrote about in In Miles, In Laughter, In Strife this story is a brilliant, fun piece about what happens when a Satanist's spell gives Dean angelic powers and Sam demonic powers for one month.

Until I Can See Again by poisontaster; 19.194 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. There's Sam learning about his powers and Dean angsting as Dean does, and a Missouri we maybe sort of got a glimpse at in canon, and really, really good plotting.

Deemed Salvageable by hansbekhart; 2.066 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Post-Devil's Trap. A sorta pwp with just the right amount of complexity and outside meaning. When it happens, they aren’t drunk or thoughtlessly looking to relieve morning wood. It’s barely dawn and Sam is stirring contentedly from a sunlit dream when he feels a wetness on his back where Dean’s cheek is pressed against it. He freezes, certain that Dean is crying and will never, ever forgive him if he turns around, when Dean snorts loudly and Sam realizes that his brother is merely drooling on him.

And the First Two Don't Count by ladyjaida; 5.254 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. ladyjaida has always been particularly good with characterization in all of the fandoms I've read her in. Supernatural is no exception for that, Sam is very good in this.

The Touch of Your Hand by seperis; 3.422 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay. Slow, hot, and lyrical; absolutely perfect for the story's desert setting. One of my favorite things about Jenn is that she does versatility so well. She can infuse a story with mood and setting until it oozes with atmosphere and everything is poetry and then in the very next story she writes, she'll do the same thing with gritty hardness and realism.
22 May 2006 @ 11:53 pm
recs: supernatural, wb rps, stargate atlantis, stargate atlantis rps, sports night
Carry On by liz_w; 2.287 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Written after Salvation but before Devil's Trap, this goes AU before the season 1 ending but it's a gorgeously executed look at what could have happened if Sam and Dean hadn't gotten to Papa Winchester in time to save him. Dean and Sam's characterization is great in this; Sam and Dean always seem like the kind of characters whose best (and worst) qualities come out in times of crisis and Liz totally understand this.

and when they fall by girl_wonder; 5.307 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Complex and perfectly heartbreaking. I love an author who doesn't flinch at writing the fucked up complicated parts of the Dean/Sam relationship, because it can't possibly all be puppies and bunnies the way the fall lines are drawn in canon.

Light of a Match by wheebubbles; 2.984 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. I am totally obsessed with stories that get into the circumstances around Sam leaving for college, and while I don't often buy the idea that Dean and Sam ever had sex in the pre-college days, this is the kind of story I can buy it in. A refreshingly original take on the situation that so many fic writers have tackled. Much less about the sex than the relationship, this story is both heartbreaking and powerful enough to leave an imprint.

On the Banks of the Tiber by angstslashhope; 5.372 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. This is fantastic; I love the slow reveal of what's really going on, and Dean and Sam's subtle shifts in personality and action as time passes. Also, I am a huge sucker for unreliable narrators and this story totally rocked that; I loved Dean's perspective and how we learn what's going on at the same time he does. It's just such an effective narrative style for a story like this; wonderfully suspenseful. Plus! Werewolves!

Practical Men of the World by esorlehcar; 7.609 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. A companion piece to Stumbling Across Its Bleak Ending (previously recced here) this is that story from Sam's perspective. The contrasts between the two stories are what make this for me (you know, aside from the excellent writing) because where that story is all about Dean's having left Sam, this one is all about Sam's determination to get him back. And it's just gorgeous.

The Flow of Darkness by halfshellvenus; 5.500 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Artful, plotty and well characterized. This is set in the near future probably, and is slightly AU as it has no mentions of the season 1 finale events. Sam's powers are developing more, the boys take a case in Michigan. It's creepy and detailed and well characterized; basically everything you can ask for in a Supernatural story, with a lovely slow burn of relationship building.

Something to Think About by dorkdance; 7.700 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. Lengthy enough to be well paced and somewhat plotty, with a good Jared voice. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Heart Shaped Bruise by estrella30; 1.900 words, R. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. A short, lovely story about Jared's jealousies, there's Christian and Steve and it's fabulous, as one should expect from Estrella.

What Happens on Telarus and What Happens in Atlantis by scribblinlenore; 10.012 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay. Lenore is a fabulous storyteller. Her scenarios are always inventive and completely entertaining. This is a fantastic take on the aliens make them do it genre of fic.

Late Night Television by elandrialore; 7.261 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis RPS: Joe/David. I really adore this story. The characterization is good but the pacing and the buildup and the intensity are what make this story so perfectly wonderful. Everything in the story fits together like tiny puzzle pieces; there are a ton of wonderful details, and the side cast is spot on. a note on this rec: this entry was posted locked to the sga_rps community. I don't usually rec friendslocked posts but since this is in an open community and not a personal journal I'm going to keep the rec, just don't forget to join the community if you want to read it. Sorry!

And now I'm going to take a moment to talk about a fandom I've never recced before: Sports Night was writer Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame's first tv show. It was a half hour comedy about a team of people who work on a late night sports wrap us show on a made up tv network. I had heard of the show through fandom, and it was always positive things so when I did a search for Sorkin on youtube.com the other day and found the first 12 episodes available to watch, I started watching. Sorkin's always written characters before plots so a love or understanding of sports is peripheral to the real heart of the show. I'm not the biggest sports fan ever and I still got hooked. So yeah. my point is that if you haven't seen the show you have no reason not to when it's up on the internet and when there's so much good fic you could be reading.

Not Homophobic by out_there; 82.273 words, NC-17. Sports Night: Casey/Dan. This is like, an entire afternoon read, but it goes by so quickly. Some authors fall into pacing traps and narrative potholes and diversions when writing stories this length but Annie is not one of them. Epic and at turns frustrating (because boys are just so dense you know?) and romantic but never, ever sappy. And the fantastic thing about Annie's stories? Is that they always satisfy. She is the queen of telling not showing and she's a true Sports Night writer, this isn't just a story about two guys getting together, it's a story about best friends and sportswriters and tv shows and so, so much more. Every cast member is fleshed out and full of life, and every pice of action is lived by you and the characters. This is how all fanfiction should be written.

Like Sailing and Home Runs by out_there; 63.459 words, NC-17. Sports Night: Casey/Dan. Told in alternating sections of Dan talking with Abby in therapy and the events he tells her about, the narration in this story is amazingly tight. Unreliable narrators, when done right, are such an effective trick; they're fallible, we only know what they know when they know it (but sometimes we can guess at more) and the building of plots is even more intense. And Annie is fantastic at all of this in Like Sailing and Home Runs. Her Dan is charming and fallible, sympathetic and stubborn.
16 May 2006 @ 03:53 am
recs: house, supernatural, wb rps, stargate atlantis, the west wing
Knot by kassrachel; 2.188 words, NC-17. House MD: House/Wilson/Cuddy. Episode 2x22 (aka Forever, aka the one with the crazy mom who seizes in the bathtub with her baby) left me with a total hankering for House/Cuddy or Wilson/Cuddy, or really, Cuddy anyone. This story is like the best of both worlds because I adore House/Wilson, too.

Shape of the Universe by descrime; 3.362 words, PG. House MD: gen, Wilson centric. Canon gives us hints of Wilson not being the good, nice guy he seems to be and this story expands on that in some really cool ways. Missing scenes from eight episodes in which Wilson is at his manipulative best. I couldn't remember all of the details from each of the episodes Descrime wrote about, but I remembered enough.

Maui Gold by nutmeg4077; 6.319 words, PG-13. House MD: House/Wilson. These characters are so hard to get right and I'm always left with this incredibly pleased feeling when an authors just gets them. Written for the prompt: Wilson takes House home for dinner with the parents., there are some really fabulous lines in this, and the banter, like everything else, is spot on.

The Hands Series by poisontaster; 4.326 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Sam/Dean. While I haven't loved all of poisontaster's writing, (she tends to go the dark, incest can never be right and Dean's a bad bad man for thinking about it route more often than I prefer) I really like this series. All three are short, pwp style stories with a heavy emphasis on the public sex kink which, dude, I can totally get behind. Jerk off sessions in bathrooms and crowded bars? Hell yes. So if you're into that at all, you will probably like this series as much as I did. Helping Hands, On the Other Hand, Jazz Hands.

Stumbling Across Its Bleak Ending by esorlehcar; 5.519 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Sam/Dean. Stories that go into the whole Dean wants Sam to stay, Sam wants to go conumdrum fascinate me, and this one feels incredibly true to how I think, things should play out if the boys are ever going to find some common ground (and, you know, if they were having the dirtywrong incestuous sex now and again, too.)

In Harm's Way by dark_roast; 2.439 words, R. Supernatural/Veronica Mars: gen, Dean and Logan centric. This is just a short vignette without much plot to speak of but it's just to cool. Logan and Dean, while not the first combination of characters that come to mind when imagining Supernatural crossovers, play off each other in some really interesting ways. This whole story is just delightfully inventive. And it all takes place at the Fitzpatrick bar, The River Stix, which is so wonderfully Dean to have picked that bar when he goes to Neptune.

You Must Remember This by estrella30; 12.000 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jared/Jensen. OMG 12,000 words of amnesia fic from one of my favorite Jared/Jensen writers is like heaven on a good day. And this is so, so fabulous. Touching and funny, with a perfect side cast and all these lovely details, all paced incredibly well.

Blowjobs Are Key by iwantacar; 1.800 words, R. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. Omg. while this whole story is perfect in its sleepy, you can feel and taste and hear everything that's going on style, it also rocks my world for making me actually burtst out laughing with the last lines. Oh man. I am still giggling when I look back at the title. (You'll get it once you read the story.)

Yoshino by eretria; 16.000 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis/SG-1: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Sam Carter. This makes two het!threesome recs in one day which is weird for me because normally I am not all about the threesomes. But this is so much more than that. Warm and layered, and told from Sam's point of view, I love that she really gets John and Rodney and genuinely cares about them. I also love that John is so hesitant about it all, because for serious, the only way this could ever go down would have to be like that. And this is as much a John/Rodney story as anything else, which was a lovely surprise.

Playing the Game by baked_goldfish; 3.200 words, PG. The West Wing: gen, Toby and Leo centric. This is cool. Toby and Leo on the campaign when Bartlett first runs. I like this because we see how Leo gets Josh on the campaign, and we see how Josh gets Sam and how Donna gets herself, and even how Toby gets CJ, but we never see Leo recruiting Toby so this is some good backstory. The voices are, if maybe not absolutely pitch perfect 100% of the time, pretty damned close. There are a lot of lines that I can just hear Leo saying and that is never a bad feeling.
14 May 2006 @ 01:41 pm
recs: supernatural, wb rps, stargate atlantis, smallville, firefly
Go The Other Way by sevenfists; 7.900 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Sam/Dean. Guh. Funny, and hot, with just a little bit of kink. I love authors who keep in touch with the fact that Sam and Dean are such boys all the time, with the little digs and the name calling and everything.

Just Reach Out by sevenfists; 1.900 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Sam/Dean. In terms of bulletproof kinks, you know the ones that always, always push every damned button you've got, exhibitionist masturbation has to be one of my favorites. May is National Masturbation Month and sevenfists killed me with the hot in this one.

Crossing the Line by eighth_horizon, 13.218 words, PG-13. Supernatural: gen. I love that this is a fandom that gives good gen fic, This is exciting and well told, and Sam and Dean's voices are spot on. There's fantastic banter and a spooky bad guy and some really cool spell mythology.

Crash by maygra; 8.528 words, PG. Supernatural: gen. A good post-Devil's Trap story, note: this is, obviously, chock full of spoilers for the season 1 finale.

The World So High by niz4; 4.364 words, PG-13. Supernatural: gen. niz4 has a solid Dean voice and weaves the perfect amount of meta into her stories. “I don’t know Sam…” And he can hear it in your voice – didn’t mean for it to sound so bleak - it makes him turn to watch your face. “Sometimes I feel like the fight is already lost, the rest of the employees got their pink slips, and we just never got the memo…”

Listening to the Animal Within by niz4; 4.326 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/girl. This is het, which, you know, I pretty much wouldn't even read, let along rec except it's Dean and it's this fascinating, perfect, heartbreaking backstory of him falling in love a little and getting heartbroken by failure and it's just good.

Gulf Coast Highway by ethrosdemon; 5.614 words, NC-17. WB rps: Christian Kane/Jensen Ackles. My girl Kassie writes like no other. Every story is just riddled with amazing lines that could pretty much only come from her. She world-builds like no other, too. This story is heavy with the south and so atmospheric it fucking kills me. It also has the benefit of being incredibly fucking hot, and brilliantly characterized, as always.

Keep Trying by geneli4; 2.300 words, NC-17. WB rps: Chris/Jensen. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Christian is hypnotic and raw, and her Jensen voice is particularly good. Plus, there's rimming, which uh, is totally hot when written this well.

One am, Wednesday, Vancouver by annalazarus; 1.307 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. A short but fabulous glimpse of the boys, note: has mild spoilers for Devil's Trap.

The Old 97s Mix by phaballa; 23.613 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Chris, Jensen/Jared. This totally blew me away. Jensen is fabulous as is Chris and Jared. Also, I really feel like the locations are characters too because the whole story just oozes atmosphere. And it had me aching for everyone involved because it's messy and heartbreaking, and gorgeous all the same.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time by joyfulgirl41; 6.974 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. I love this because it's Texas and Jared is fantastic and he speaks Spanish and this one is all about the slow seduction and frustration. It's fabulous.

Geography for Beginners by sevenfists; 3.500 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jared/Sandy/Jensen. Oh lord. There's not a ton of stuff I'm actually embarassed to read but this is so shockingly hot and dirtywrong it's just. I'm possibly a little broken.

6 lessons to live by (as told by jared padalecki) by strippedpink; 11.605 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. Messy and complicated and lengthy. Jared is really good in this, and the whole story is just good. The author calls this porn with a little plot, and while the sex is scorching, there's totally a plot in there with it.

It's Still Pizza by traveller; 888 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. Sort of scenes from a courtship style vignettes. I. Hmmm. Okay, you know, this is lovely, but it actively bothers me that traveller doesn't use quotation marks to delineate between spoken words and everything else. I guess it's a style? But it pretty much makes everything she's written completely unreadable for me. I'm reccing this story anyways because there's barely any dialogue and it really is lovely, but uh, due warning and everything on that.

Parsus by scribblinlenore; 12.749 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis: John/Rodney, with a side order of John/Teyla and implied Rodney/Teyla. This is such a fantastic story, detailed and complex. This Sheppard is really interesting, I love that Lenore goes into his Afghanistan experience and ties it in with Don't Ask, Don't Tell so thoroughly. Also, Teyla especially is really excellent in this, strong and intuitive and incredibly loyal.

Second Skin by toft_froggy; 11.210 words, NC-17. Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay. This is a really interesting story because Toft takes all these things (or maybe really only one thing) that I didn't think could possibly work and convinces me of them absolutely. John's into cross-dressing and Rodney's pretty much just into John; but it's so much more than that too.

Ulterior Motives by astolat; 19.416 words, NC-17. Smallville: Clark/Lex. Shallot pretty much rules at everything so when I heard that she'd written new Smallville I jumped at the opportunity for a good, long read. And this satisfies perfectly. Long, plotty, and well detailed, it ties in perfectly with the Batman Begins mythology and has a great Bruce Wayne.

Up the Yin Yang by rose_emily; 23.698 words, NC-17. Smallville: Clark/Lex. So, you know, I have a not so secret love for mpreg when it's written well. Well as in fully recognizing the ridiculousness of the genre and delighting in taking a bizarre situation and making it funny and awesome all at the same time. There's banter, and and it's a post-rift future fic and Lex built a Superbot and just yes. You should read this.

An Arrangement of Parts by ana_grrl; 9.129 words, NC-17. Firefly: Jayne/Simon. Ana has written some of my favorite Firefly stories. This one is new to me, and totally charming as ever. Jayne and Simon are both wonderful, although I think this is a particularly good Simon in this. There are heists and build-up and snark, what more could you really ask for in a Firefly story. note: this is post Serenity.
08 May 2006 @ 10:49 pm
recs: supernatural, wb rps
Four Seasons by raina_at; 11.492 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. This totally killed me. I was in tears by the end of the first part and just aching for the rest. Brutal, and honest, and gorgeous. Raina writes a fantastic Dean. And while I am not usually in love with the angst, I found myself actually wishing that the ending was a little more on the angst side.

Like a Hurricane by mona1347; 2.683 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Mmmmm car porn. Seriously. I don't think I can possibly get enough of the many variations on the metallicar + dean + sam = sex theme.

A Little Superstitious Now by estrella30; 9.000 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Body-switching is one of my favorite fanfic clichés and this is totally the perfect take on it. Dean's voice is fabulous and I really love this Sam. And anyone who can bring the humor along with the sex as well as estrella can is just too freaking cool for words.

Memories of Me by Gillan Middleton; 25.600 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. This is such an entertaining and fascinating amnesia fic (which, by the way, like pretty much every other fanfic cliché, I am a huge fan of when it's done right.)

give or take the subject or the verb by joyfulgirl41; 9.038 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. This has to be the best take on body switching in the fandom. It's funny and introspective, and joyfulgirl just has so many fantastic lines that if I quoted them I'd end up having to quote everything, but it's for moments like these that I love reading fanfic: because all Dean ever wanted was for them to be together. Not this necessarily. The 'how' never really mattered to him. Just that Sam was there.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by merepersiflage; 13.233 words, NC-17Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Pre-series, Christmas, the boys have to stay with relatives while Papa Winchester goes off on a hunt.

Romance Goes Out the Window With Dad in the Next Room and And a Little Angst Flies in the Window of the Impala With Dad a Half Mile Up the Road by merepersiflage; 6.143 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Set after Dead Man's Blood there's a lot of nice brotherly one-upmanship and some smokin hot sex, all with Papa Winchester in the next room. Bringing a whole new level of kink to the whole Wincest thing.

By the Letter by winterlive; 12.000 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. You've probably all read this already but I'm just getting into the fandom so I'm all a-squee over it. Gorgeously written and wonderfully characterized. I love this Jensen. And I love how tentative they are around each other. This is a fantastic story.

What's That in Metric? by dopplegl; 4.079 words, NC-17 WB rps: Jensen/Jared/Tom. the smutbox challenge has been kind to me. This is yummy, yummy boys being boys and trying to show each other up porn.

Snoops by brynwulf and quietdiscerning; 2.841 words, RWB rps: Jensen/Jared. Also from the smutbox challenge, this is a hilarious bit of drunken debauchery.

smarana by starstillwonder; 2.657 words, PG-13. WB rps: Jensen/Jared, Jeff. The boys take a trip to India with Jeff. Quiet and atmospheric; beautifully written, evocative and real.

the moon is chasing me by estrella30; 1.700 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. This is one of those stories that I love. The kind where every word counts and every detail is so layered with echoes and more details that the story just feels three times as long as it is. Low key, and very sexy.

Six Degrees and Morning Light by estrella30; 10.292 words, NC-17 WB rps: Jensen/Jared. This is such a perfect first time fic. And the boys are delightfully funny with a good blend of angst and humor.

Obtaining Grace by stone_princess; 2.747 words, NC-17. WB rps: Jensen/Jared. Holy, holy hell. (Every possibly pun intended.) The priest costumes get a workout in the best possible way ever. This is scorchingly hot. omg.

Hot, Hot Heat and Storm Coming On by winterlive; 23.300 words, NC-17. WB rps: a little Jensen/Christian Kane, a lot Jensen/Jared. Long and well detailed and incredibly well written. I really love this story.
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30 April 2006 @ 02:48 am
recs: supernatural, wb rps
First off: omg I cannot believe I finally got into this fandom. I am so, so not in need of a new one. I completely blame Jensen Ackles for being such an incredible hotass and for having an anguished!face that makes me want to cry. Also, I totally blame Jared Paladecki and that shower/towel scene for making me want to see Dean shove him up against walls and lick him in incredibly inappropriate and dirty ways. Anyway: recs!

Bargains by marinarusalka; 15.656 words, PG-13. Supernatural: gen. This is such a fantastic story. Dean and Sam go up against a colony of faeries and it's just, so, so good. Also the last line? Cracked my shit up so much. The dialogue in this is especially good.

Untitled by boonies; 2.677 words, PG. Supernatural: gen. OMG Dean and Sam and an orphaned kid and the metallicar and omg. Dean is so, so awesome when he's all protective and grudging.

Sever, Mirror, and Mend by lyra_wing; 6.962 words, PG-13. Supernatural: gen. This isn't a crossover per se but it takes some elements from Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy and puts them to very cool use. This is a really neat story.

Works in Mysterious Ways by lyra_wing; 10.207 words, PG-13. Supernatural: gen. I love a good, solid gen fic and this is a great one. I especially love this because Lyra gives Dean superpowers and who the hell could resist pyro!Dean? note: I've linked to part 2 because there's a link to part 1 from there.

Under a Haystack by janissa11; 29.228 words, PG-13. Supernatural: gen. Dean gets cursed and turned into a seven year old kid. The authors calls this crack!fic, and the premise totally is, but this is a surprisingly insightful and complex story. We all wonder about exactly what Papa Winchester was teaching Dean when he was growing up and this story goes into a lot of that in some really interesting ways. Plus, Dean is pretty much the most adorable thing on the block no matter how old he is.

Finding Hell by mayatawi; 26.495 words, NC-17. Supernatural/Hellblazer (comics version): Dean/John Constantine. This is a really cool crossover. Set just before the tv series starts, it's Dean on a job in New Orleans without his dad and in deeper over his head than he'd ever have known. I really like this story because the crossover potential between two canon universes like these is so strong but also because John Constantine is in a whole different league than the Winchester boys never even knew existed. Constantine goes up against the fucking devil himself and lives to fight more demons another day, and that is so much bigger than Dean's rock salt shotgun and gritty bravado have ever faced.

On Taking It Like A Bitch And Ten Other Ways to Say I Love You by phaballa; 5.337 words, R. Supernatural/The O.C.: Dean, Seth/Ryan, Sam, little bit of Sam/Jess. I am such a sucker for crossovers and this one is awesome. Seth Cohen is Sam's Stanford roommate and it just goes from there. I love this a lot.

On The Snap by janissa11; 4.018 words, R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Raw, angsty and intense. I like that this doesn't shy away from the sheer fucked-upness that Sam and Dean's relationship could be like. maybe in some weird way they’re both broken, and they can’t be fixed but they can be broken together.

Unspoken by raina_at; 17.397 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. There are some really fabulous and insightful lines in this story. It's got a lot of introspection into both Sam and Dean's characters.

The Little Death by lea_ndra; 14.127 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Angsty and hot I do sort of wish that the ending wasn't quite so "and they lived happily ever after" but it's an enjoyable read nonetheless. "I never wanted this," Dean hisses, hands coming up to push at Sam as well, push him off Dean, a bloody finger print now where Dean's injured palm connected with Sam's chest. "I swore to myself the night before you left for Stanford, I'd never let it happen again!" he growls, his voice rising. "You fucked it up, Sammy!"

The Side Benefits of Archery by meadowmines; 4.720 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. This is totally shamelessly hot crossbow porn. Yum.

Conversations Over the Front Seat by JD Sampson; 3.880 words, NC-17. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. A little dark and angsty and very hot. "Up! So maybe you're not brave enough to get kinky with it, but you think about it, don't you? Come on." Dean dragged out the "ah" sound in "on" before finally biting it off at the end. "You're a Winchester male. You have kinky thoughts, it's a given, so give."

Sam shifted. His knee bumped the steering wheel and not for the first time in his life he cursed being so tall. "Okay, so maybe I think about it." Words so very soft in the night.

Through the Long Night by mickeym; 1.255 words; R. Supernatural: Dean/Sam. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love sleepy, just woken up sex, and I love it even more when it's really not so much about the sex as it is about the characters. This is exactly that.

Here Comes the Flood by rose_emily; 7.989 words, NC-17. WB rps: Tom/Michael, Jensen/Jared. Uhm, this is really hot. Really, really hot. There's veyeurism and stupid guy jokes and everything is so very good.
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