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Oh Merlin. Why are you such an awesome show? Like virtually everyone else on lj, I'm totally addicted to it, and am super happy about all the new fic to read. Most of these recs are pretty standard reading, but if you're new to the fandom this is a great place to start.

A Year and a Day by linaerys. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 10.000 words, NC-17. A gorgeous pre-series story featuring one of my favorite mythological stories/peoples. “Arthur Pendragon, King who was and will be.” Arthur stepped forth and threw his shoulders back, pulling himself up to his full height. The lady extended her hand. Arthur clasped it and bowed over it, lips hovering a fraction of an inch above her cool, delicate fingers. “I am Nyneve,” she continued. “Queen of the Fairy. You will feast with us tonight.”

The Beast of Winter and Springtime Promises by linaerys. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 17.000 combined, NC-17. One thing I love about Linaerys' writing is the scene setting and the detail work. She's got a great grasp on how to evoke the feeling of Camelot and the cold of winter in a draughty, unheated castle.

August by rageprufrock. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 10.000 words, NC-17. Honestly, I always have somewhat mixed feelings about Pru's work. I love her stories, and the many crack-y premises she comes up with, but I don't love her character voices. She has this tendency to write her characters as sort of OOC histrionic shouters. This works fine for me when I'm reading any story featuring Rodney McKay, but I like it less in a BBC character. I'm still reccing this though because regardless of my preference for a different style of dialogue, I always love the emotional core of Pru's stories, and this one is not different. Merlin goes home to Ealdor for a visit and Arthur tags along.

The World Under Heaven, Here All is Lent by takadainmate. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 20.500 words, PG-13. This is one of my fandom favorites so far. Merlin and Arthur in a cold, wet forest facing down an evil creature. I love the atmosphere in this, and also, it is an Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic story and I have much, much love for this particular sub-genre.

MERLIN and A Random Collection of Firsts by moonythestrals. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 17.000 wors combines, NC-17. This is, of all things, a Frat Boy AU in which Merlin is an Engineering student and Arthur is a douchebag frat boy Business Major. Before this turns you off, I will promise that is is fantastic. Gwen is in it and rocks muchly, the dialogue is fantastic, and the in-jokes pointing back to the show are great fun.

To Be Known by esohpe. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 3.500 words, PG. Another Arthur finds out story but god, so memorable. It's angsty and slightly painful in the best tradition of hurt/comfort. So this is what it felt like to be normal. Merlin opens his eyes to the cool, shining metal of Arthur's unsheathed blade. "Sorcerer," Arthur spits.

Quickening Days by fahye_fic Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, 22.174 words, R. In one of the most classic sci-fi plots ever, Arthur and Merlin are trapped in a Groundhog's Day loop and have to break themselves out of it. This is fantastic story with great dialogue, lots of fun and a fantastic serious to fun ratio.
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